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SOTA Silver Pulser SP7

An Official Sota Retailer since 1996

We are an Official Sota Retailer, authorised by Sota Canada to sell their products in the UK since 1996. The Silver Pulser offers the benefits of gentle microcurrents of electricity and also makes ionic colloidal silver. The microcurrent stimulation helps the body’s natural electricity for more energy, general health and wellbeing.


Product Name SKU Price Quantity
Silver Pulser SP7 SO-SP7 £289.00 £314.00 inc. VAT

Replacement Accessories

Product Name SKU Price Quantity
Sponge Sleeves (6 Pairs) SOTX-004 £15.49 inc. VAT
Cotton Sleeves with Velcro (6 Pairs) SOTX-005 £15.95 inc. VAT
Cotton Sleeves without Velcro (6 Pairs) SOTX-006 £15.95 inc. VAT
Short Micropulsing Cord (35cm) USB + Rubber Probes (2 Pairs) SOTX-007 £36.38 inc. VAT
Long Micropulsing Cord (106cm) USB + Rubber Probes (2 Pairs) SOTX-008 £37.38 inc. VAT
Short Micropulsing Cord (35cm) with SILVER Probes SOTX-009 £36.38 inc. VAT
Short Micropulsing Cord Only (35cm) USB SOTX-010 £30.40 inc. VAT
Long Micropulsing Cord Only (35cm) USB SOTX-011 £33.59 inc. VAT
Conductive Rubber Probes (2 Pairs) SOTX-012 £6.98 inc. VAT
Armband with Clip SOTX-013 £15.95 inc. VAT
Wrist Strap SOTX-014 £9.98 inc. VAT
0.9999 Silver Wire Electrodes (Pair) SOTX-015 £29.00 inc. VAT
Silver Wire Holder USB SOTX-016 £16.99 inc. VAT
Mains Adaptor (UK Plug) SOTX-017 £33.59 inc. VAT

Who are we?

We would like to clarify that the UK company listed on Sota Canada's website is not the only recommended Sota Retailer. We are authorised Sota retailers and Sota Canada are happy to confirm this if customers wish to contact them ( To the best of our knowledge, we were the first Official Sota Retailer in the UK, selling Sota Instruments since 1996.


The Sota Silver Pulser has two functions:

- Micropulsing offers gentle microcurrents that work with the body’s natural electricity for more energy, general health and well-being.

- Make your own Ionic Colloidal Silver. It is one of nature’s gifts and can be made easily and inexpensively at home.

The Silver Pulser generates ionic silver using only the highest quality .9999 Pure Fine Silver Electrodes.

The Silver Pulser generates the finest quality Ionic Colloidal Silver at a rate of 5-8ppm (part per million) in 2 hours for 16 ounces of distilled water, with an Ionic Colloid silver particle size that is mostly ions, with colloidal particles in the range of 0.005 - 0.015 microns. The Silver Pulser has a built-in constant current adaptor for the ultimate in ionic colloidal silver production.

What You Are Buying

When you purchase the Silver Pulser it comes with everything you need to use as a battery-operated unit, the SP7 is the latest model and has a longer battery life and an audible low battery warning beep. A mains adaptor is not included but can be purchased as an extra for making colloidal silver.

Accessories Included with the Silver Pulser:

- Product Manual
- 1 Micropulsing Cord
- 2 Pair Rubber Probes
- Sponge sleeves NEW!
- 1 Arm Band with Clip
- 1 Neoprene® Velcro® Wrist Strap
- 1 50 ml Dark Glass Dropper Bottle
- 1 9–Volt Alkaline battery
- 1 Silver Wire Holder
- 2 Silver Wires of .9999 (4 Nine) Purity – 20cm (8 inches) long
- 1 Green Scrubber Pad

Optional Accessory:

Mains Adaptor (for making Colloidal Silver)

Replacement Accessories:

All replacement accessories (such as micropulsing cords) have a USB connection for models SP6 and SP7. We no longer stock DIN versions for earlier models.


Do not use in the following situations as safety has not been explored using the Micropulsing function:

- In the case of pregnancy.
- With an active implanted device such as a pacemaker, etc.
- As with all electrical products, do not use near water, when driving a car or when operating heavy equipment.
- Do not connect the Micropulsing Cord or the Silver Wire Holder to any other USB outlet, such as a computer or power supply. Do not plug any other USB connections into the Silver Pulser, other than the Micropulsing Cord and the Silver Wire Holder.

Caution is advised if using potentially harmful substances such as recreational and prescription drugs, as it is not known if microcurrents will interact or if individual reactions may occur.

While this technology is generally considered safe, there exists potential for rare individual reactions that cannot reasonably be foreseen. Therefore, your use of the SOTA Products constitutes your agreement that you are responsible for your decision to use the technology.

Warranty & Disclaimer

SP7 Unit: 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty on internally mounted components

Micropulsing Cords: 6 months warranty on cords. For longer cord life, do not store the micropulsing cord plugged into the unit and coil loosely.

The opinions stated are the views of Just Magnotherapy and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety and effectiveness of the SOTA units has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.

Output Specifications

The output voltage is a nominal 31 Volts.

Micropulsing Application – Frequency through electrodes is ~3.92 Hz, ½ of the Earth Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz, (+/- 1 Hz) with a Bi-Phasic Square Wave @ 31 Volts (+/- 1 Volt) peak per cycle. Maximum current through the electrodes is ~8 milliamperes into 1,000 ohms, ~12 milliamperes into a short circuit at 31 Volts peak per cycle.

Ionic~Colloidal Silver Generator with Constant Current Output – The maximum current through the Silver Wires is 1.5 milliamperes (+/- 0.5 mA) at 31 VDC compliance voltage when the Silver Wires are touched together to short the circuit.


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