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Norstar Magnessage

  • Includes: Rechargeable Mains Charger - Out of stock
  • £94.99 inc.VAT


What is the Magnessage?

The Magnessage is a magnetic field therapy device developed to relieve pain and hasten the repair of damaged tissue. It is a unique device that was originally researched and developed for the thoroughbred equine market in the USA, initially for relieving pain and hastening the repair of damaged tissue in race horses.

It has been successfully used therapeutically by a wide range of sportsmen and women including professional tennis players (as featured on BBC TV at Wimbledon).

The Magnessage is a portable hand-held device, in the shape of a torch, that is held next to or horizontally over the body, at the site of pain, injury or imbalance. It is the elongated upper rotating casing of the Magnessage that emits the magnetic fields (not the end cap).

How do you use the Magnessage?

Using gentle sweeping strokes, simply move the Magnessage freely over the affected area. It is the extraordinary depth of the magnetic field emitted by the Magnessage that brings the results. The pulsed electro-magnetic field has a depth of penetration of 45cms/18 inches.

The Magnessage is just as effective when used above the skin as when in direct contact with the body because of the depth of penetration of its magnetic field. It is also effective through clothing, bandages or plaster casts.

The Magnessage is best used for around 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times daily until relief is obtained. Thereafter it can be used intermittently for preventive treatment as required.


  • Length 28cm
  • Gauss strength: 32,000
  • Includes portable, rechargable, mains charger
  • Guaranteed for one year